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BWJ Construction Brings ‘Eat Street’ Vibe to University of Newcastle

BWJ Construction & Maintenance has unveiled an innovative dining experience right at the heart of the University of Newcastle with the launch of the ‘Eat Street Container Precinct’. This exciting development is designed to offer students a vibrant outdoor social atmosphere reminiscent of popular ‘Eat Street’ destinations.

BWJ Construction & Maintenance

Innovative Use of Shipping Containers

Reflecting the company’s adaptability in Newcastle Construction, BWJ has creatively repurposed shipping containers to serve as trendy food stalls. This novel approach not only utilizes versatile materials but also adds an industrial chic aesthetic to the campus, aligning with modern urban design trends.

Natural Stone Landscaping and Multi-Tiered Gardens

The area is complemented by large sandstone landscaping, adding a touch of natural elegance to the setting. The inclusion of manicured multi-tiered gardens offers layers of green space, enhancing the precinct’s visual appeal and providing a serene environment for students to relax and socialise.

Creating a Community Hub

The ‘Eat Street Container Precinct’ is more than a dining area; it’s a community hub. BWJ Construction’s commitment to creating functional spaces has resulted in an area that encapsulates an exciting vibe, encouraging outdoor gatherings and social interactions among Newcastle University students.

BWJ Construction’s innovative approach and meticulous execution have transformed a simple concept into a bustling social hotspot, further demonstrating their capability to deliver unique and engaging Newcastle Maintenance and construction projects.

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